Risk Division

As an extension of the Global Learning experience, GLS now brings with it the added advantage of an innovative Risk Division. The Risk Divisions core business is that of Occupational Health and Safety Act compliance.

The alarming increase in litigation and fines against organisations which have not complied with the Act; have resulted in higher volumes of insurance claims, and premiums. The risks and direct costs of those risks are far from negligible.

In order to ensure that high safety standards and cost effective production are maintained, an effective Risk Control Management process, individually tailored to a specific industry/company’s profile, is needed.

Global Learning Services Risk Division has meticulously researched an effective Risk Control formula, which will effectively reduce the risk, involved in effective personnel management. Our Risk Division offers two primary services, the first being the Risk Consultancy that assists with specific areas of concern within an organisation. The second – Monthly Consultation Packages that essentially incorporates GLS into an organisations existing safety program, or alternatively introduces a Safety Management Programme into an environment not having one.

Our company is about RESULTS! Delivering results based on the clients’ needs and objectives. Global Risk Consulting is a solid and high performing investment into your business. All of our consultants are highly experienced, hands on, Risk Practitioners, ensuring that you get professional support, service and advice, but more importantly, a favorable return on your investment.

Risk Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services are tailor made for clients requiring assistance in certain fields of expertise or where there is a problematic area within their safety system. This service is purely done by coming in, auditing, reporting and making recommendations. The client is then left to implement the corrective action.

  • Risk Assessments & Audits – OHASA legislated
  • Occupational Health & Safety system design
  • Legal Compliance Auditing
  • Incident/Accident Investigation
  • Company written safe work procedures
  • Training Course Development
  • Safety equipment inspections
  • Lifting equipment inspections
  • Fire equipment inspections
  • Fall protection plan (Audits & Assessments – Construction Industry Regulation)
  • Fire Evacuation Systems

Monthly Consultation Packages

We offer a number of Monthly Consultation packages for clients who feel that they do not have the resources to implement and maintain a Safety or Legal Compliance system. This service is provided with a comprehensive safety program maintenance system that ensures a total quality legal compliance system that will be held in high esteem in the event of an intended prosecution by the Department of Labour.

  • Risk System: Implementation & Management
  • Health & Safety System: Implementation & Management
  • Monthly Inspection and Record of Equipment
  • On going Safety Awareness Programme Implementation
  • Monthly Compliance Audits
  • Safety Equipment Usage & Control
  • In House Training: “Management Person”
  • Incident/Accident Investigations
  • Health & Safety Committee meetings


  • Occupational Health & Safety – Law & Industry Regulations Law Books
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing
  • Legislated Documents, Checklists & Appointments
  • Legislated Permits
  • Regulation Signage
  • OHASA Aligned Safety Files (Induction Level – Starter Kits)
  • Wall Charts & Visual Awareness Aids
  • Floor Demarcation & Fire Extinguishers