Basic Scaffolding Inspection Training (Unit Standard 263205)

Course Contents

Module 1:     Different Types of Access Scaffolding, Applications, Limitations, Design, and Compliance

1.1       Different Types of Access Scaffolding

1.2       Access Scaffolding Components

1.3       Classification for Access Scaffolding Platforms and the Loading Limitations

1.4      Stability Requirements as Per the Regulatory Framework

Module 2:     The Role and Responsibilities of the Inspector

2.1       The Role of the Access Scaffold Inspector

2.2       The Responsibilities of the Access Scaffold Inspector

Module 3:     Read and Interpret Drawings, Client Requirements, and Other Specifications

3.1       Interpret Details and Dimensions of Access Scaffold Design

3.2       Identify and Apply Access Scaffolding Equipment

3.3       Calculate Safe Working Loads On Platforms and Total Loading On Uprights

Module 4:     Inspect and Handover Access Scaffolding

4.1       Inspect Access Scaffolding Works and Compliance for Engineer’s Certificates or Reports

4.2       Re-Inspect Modified Access Scaffolding Systems

4.3       Complete Access Scaffolding Register and Handover Certificate after Inspection and Re- Inspection